Nice service

To create important time with friend and lover more splendidly.
We prepare for various services in ELLE cello.
As necessary thing has reservation, at first please contact after checking service contents early.



It is made a reservation the day before


We put together in celebration of welcome and farewell party or memorial day, and how about present of bouquet?
We prepare to size and color of bouquet, preference of customer including kind of flower.
It is osodan from 2,000 yen or more.



Two days ago reservation


Cake of birthday and memorial day can be reserved, too. We heard from 1 hall 3,000 yen.
As you can leave the name and message, in the case of application, please order to the staff.
In timing of offer, please consult.


Surprise paella

It is made a reservation the day before


We prepare special paella which we baked only for seat of customer.
In front of ten 1 plate from 7,600 yen.
In kind and quantity, contents, offer time for paella, please consult beforehand.


Bath D present


★Free of charge
Limitation on birthday on that day! We give champagne or Sangria free.
As you contribute to all the same seat as well as customer on birthday, please celebrate in by all means!
※Take thing which can prove birthday.
※[combination impossibility with other services]
On the use, please contact on the telephone.


Carry-on wine or cover


Carry-on of wine and cover is possible for 2,000 yen per one.
When we bring one of the bests?
※But please refrain from carry-on of wine from Spain basically.


Seller room


★Free of charge
★It is given priority to reservation
Near the wine cellar, we prepare special VIP sheet.
Please fully enjoy wine and Spanish food which are delicious at seat which is Moody's.
As atmosphere of room varies according to stores, please contact.



Flamenco stage


We hold flamenco live in DOS every month on third Monday (in the case of holiday Tuesday).
We charge charge charges (500 yen - 2,000 yen) by seat.
As for the live concert in uno, the details, please refer to charge charges for irregular holding.


Large TV


★Free of charge
★Only at the time of reservations
At the time of reservations, use of carry-on of DVD is possible.
As large TV is available, please consult beforehand.
※We usually show Spanish DVD at time.



Stage & microphone rental


★Free of charge
★Only at the time of reservations
In the case of the use, we rent stage and microphone, acoustic equipment by reservations.
As we prepare, please consult over telephone beforehand.