Guidance of party

Course menu

If friends gather, how is party plan?
It is available more than four people to reservations buffet party at various opportunities.
It needs reservations. Please call casually to store.

Reservations party

One week ago reservation


We heard reservations party including the second party of wedding ceremony.
Dishes from 5,000 yen per person (about drink osodan).
More than 40 people can make a reservation.

Various parties

It is made a reservation the day before


It is good to birthday parties,
We prepare for party menu.
Dishes from 3,000 yen per person,
We prepare to budget.
As you accept hope of seat, please refer over telephone.
※More than taking a seat four people

Slight meeting


We cope with sudden mini-party including drinking party and joint party of work return.
We meet order such as dishes, drink, seat as much as possible if you can call.
Please use casually.


Party notice

To secretary that party is held in ELLE cello.
We can download original notice which access maps were published in.
Please inflect!

Party notice UNO Party notice DOS

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